Women in our society, and Gabriel García Márquez's last novel.


  Usually I like to observe things, and people. As a child, I was constantly watching kids and adults in everyday situations, kids in the playground, my parents drinking coffee in the morning and so on. How they are acting in these situations. I learned to mimic their behaviours so I could use them in my life. Naturally they aren't always worked, because I didn't understood invisible social rules, like the smile, the correct face in a conversation. A lot of behaviours are  like a some rules in a game, we do it, because that is the right way to express something, which leads me in confusion: is this necessary? Why can't  we say what we really want,  instead of what we are hoping for?

 I came across recently  Gabriel García Márquez's  newly released novel, Until August. I wonder why society treats women like they are not have the right to do what they want? Why is that a man can have a carrier, a family, dreams and free time where they concentrate in their mental health?  What about women?

We have marriage, kids, and after building a family, we are done. We function as a coworker, mother, houshold servant, and mainly thats all. We live to serve our kids, husbands and in  the meantime, we loose ourselves as women.  We need attention, kindness, and the feeling of a hug, or touch. In his book, a woman find lovers every time when she visiting her mothers graveyard. She has a hunger of feeling loved, fisically, mentally, to feel to be desired and wanted. In our society, this is a deviant behaviour, searching love when in the eyes of  the law we aren't supposed to do. Basic human need is to be loved, and nurtured,  and it is gender free. This book was written in 1994, and now we live in 2024, and still society are so cruel towards women. Love and to be loved are vital things in a healthy life style,  in a healthy realitionship, in a family, and in our environment. 

I never really experiment love that keeps me safe, and holds me, and supports me to reach my goals in life.

I don't know how does it feel, when somebody loves me in a healthy way. But I keep dreaming and hoping  for  others to find it. Generally love is acceptant, love is kind, love  let's you live your life, so it is not controlling and also love doesn't want to change you as a person. 

Society has a arrogant view of women roles, women in general. Loved the book, and I recommend  others to read it. 



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