Basic human rights. Against bullying. For the healthy state of mind.


   Bullying is a form of violence, a form of terror against a person, a cold one, and ruins mental health. This does't necessarily means that somebody is going to verbalize the problem to the other person, it can be silent, can be happening behind the scenes... The victim could feel the huge pressure that comes with it,  and starts to feel like the environment is not safe anymore. 

   The bullies, or bully could be a coward person, who has some issues, like jealousy... and some more. The main thing is to realise when we are experiencing bullying, and make the actions to protect ourselves mentally against these violent  actions. If we are not doing anything against it, then it can result  into some major mental health issues, like depression, anxiety, burn out and in some serious cases : suicide.

  For me personally, it  always harms me, because I don't understand why people can't just say into my  face their problem, if that is with me? I don't understand jealousy, and unkindness, and treating people like they are not equal. There is no environment, not in workplace, nore in family where people  are not equal. That means that beside how much they earn, or what is the job or position that  they have currently. Higher position, or lover, doctors or genitors... they are all equals in the  eyes of law. So basic human right is to be safe, to be accepted, to be acknowledged, to feel that you are part of the group, environment, workplace, any club or family... 

  Mental health is equally important as physical health. What is hidden is hard to see... That's why is important to speak up against it, stand up for yourself, ask help and if nothing works, than leave the environment that doesn't serves you anymore. Your health is your own problem, nobody can give you back your healthy self. 

   I love to work with people, because I generally believe in humanity, and love towards others. I've learned a lot, and I am going to learn more, and I am not going to give up. 

  My own  sensitivities  are making my job harder, because I like to work in silence, sometimes with closed door, because I can't take anymore noise or input in that day, sometimes I can function better, and I can work with a noisier crowd.

   I never intend to hurt somebody, but I know, that people find my expressions, or communication hard to digest. My autism makes me think and act a bit different the the neuoritypical population. 

   I stand up for mental health today,  against bullying in any environment, and for the basic human rights: to be safe, to be accepted, to be acknowledged and to be treated fairly! 




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